Assistance Center of Towson Churches

Volunteer Opportunities

ACTC is currently welcoming new volunteers to help in the following ways:

  • Hosting a neighborhood food drive
    Place a collection bin on your driveway or porch, and let your neighbors know you are collecting food for ACTC. Then, bring the food from your neighborhood collection to one of our drop-off locations. (If you're interested in this option, we'll share tips from successful food drives now underway.)
  • Transporting, unloading, and storing donated and delivered food
    This may happen during the work week or on weekends. Volunteers should be able to carry 25 to 30 pounds. Please also let us know if you have a truck that you could use to help us move food to and from storage locations.
  • Packing grocery bags
    This may happen during the work week or on weekends. Volunteers should be able to carry 10 to 15 pounds. 
  • Administrative / professional support
    If you have computer, graphic design, or other office skills, a background in fundraising or event planning, or other skills you think we might need, please let us know.
  • On call / special projects
    As we modify services to meet demands of the COVID-19 pandemic, new projects and opportunities may become available. Let us know if we can contact you to help on an as-needed basis.

Fill out this form to let us know which opportunities are the best fit for you!

Please also consider these options for special food donations.

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